Exotic Gesmtones/Sunstone Chapter

Exotic Gesmtones/Sunstone Chapter

Image by Different Seasons Jewelry
A few of our sunstone jewelry and gem photos from our contributions to Renee Newman’s Exotic Gemstones.

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Description of Exotic Gemstones Vol 1:

This is the first in a series of books that will explore the history, lore, evaluation, geographic sources, and identifying properties of lesser-known gems. Exotic Gems Volume 1 has 288 color photos of mounted and loose tanzanite, ammolite, zultanite, rhodochrosite, sunstone, moonstone,
labradorite, spectrolite, andesine, amazonite, bytownite, orthoclase and oligoclase. Some of the pictures are close-up shots that show how to make visual judgments about clarity, transparency, color, cut quality and brilliance. A few pictures show how the gems are cut and many others show
creative jewelry designs with these stones. Exotic Gems also provides tips on caring for the gems, selecting an appraiser and on detecting imitations and gem treatments. The healing and metaphysical
properties of the gems are also addressed. Written for both consumers and professionals, it’s easy to read, well-organized, and packed with fascinating information and photos. If you’re interested in colored gemstones, you’ll find Exotic Gems to be a valuable resource that will help you discover and buy unusual gem varieties you may never have seen before.”

*Renee Newman is a respected gemologist and author of eight guides on gems and jewelry. Her books are used throughout the world as buying guides, sales-training tools, class texts and references for jewelry professionals.

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