Recommending Amazon Products on Squidoo

There are many ways to make money using Squidoo. A favorite way for many people is to recommend products for sale on Amazon which are related to your subject or niche. For example, if you have a lens built around Luke Skywalker from Star Wars, you can feature Skywalker action figures available for sale on Amazon. If you choose to use the Amazon modules on Squidoo, then you will most likely make 4.25% in commissions on your sale because Squidoo usually lands in the highest bracket for affiliate commissions on Amazon which is 8.5% on general products.

Many people like to use their own affiliate links for recommending available Amazon products, but once Squidoo axed the use of the Iframe, using your own affiliate links went the way of the dinosaurs. then came along and added the ability to make your own links using their Amazon link building service. To use this service, you have to give up every 10th click on your affiliate link to Squidutils. It really isn’t a bad deal, but some commissions from your lens can be lost this way.

You can now set up your own Amazon RSS feeds for Squidoo with a small amount of work on the front end. You will first need to set up a generic Storestacker website which is real simple. Then you need to add a category to your site for the type of product you would like to feature. Once this is done, generate an RSS feed from your category, copy and paste it into the RSS module on your Squidoo lens.

The feeds produced by Storestacker and not as pretty as those generated at Squidutils; there has to be a way to make them look better and you can be sure that I will be searching for the solution.

Brenda Carter has been using Squidoo to build lenses since 2007. Visit my lens for step-by-step instructions for building your own Amazon RSS feeds.

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