Tips to Organize Life

Tips to Organize Life
Personal Finance
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Let’s educate the student body on how much they’re paying, what they’re paying for and why they’re paying for it – because the first time students hear about A&S fees shouldn’t be through an article in the FSView.

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Personal Finance
Money Management
Learn the “How to” of Managing Your Money

— Steps in Your Money Management Plan

Your game’s basic outline – your overall plan for your personal finances – is managing your money in just 9 EASY steps.

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1. Be Ready For change

2. Find a community to work with like a Personal Finance Forum – You don’t have to do it alone.

3. Find out where you are now – organize finances, how you got here and the truth behind your finances, and what your money messages are.

4. What is your Dream about what you would want your life to look like.

5. Become your Personal Finance Planner and plan your future to create your money management plan

6. Commit to managing personal finances and be disciplined.

7. Make your daily choices and actions match your money management plan.

8. Celebrate all your wins!

9. Start again when you have achieved your goals!

Using this plan turns personal finance money management into a game! The steps are quite easy and designed to walk you through what it takes to create your game. You can take one step each week, or each day. It’s up to you. Just make sure that you complete each step and don’t skip over anything.

Work through each step and you will create a money management plan that you designed to work with your lifestyle. A plan that will meet your needs and wants of today and tomorrow.

The secret to having power and freedom with your money is to have a personal finance money management plan that works for you!

To start your personal finance money management plan you need to be organized. Learn tips to organize your life at this great site – Tips to Organize Life.

Ready to take on your personal finance money management? – Go to the first step – Are you Ready to Change?



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