Unusual Flooring Ideas

If you want a home that is visually stunning, look for unusual flooring ideas the next time you get ready to remodel. There are ideas that involve unique methods, materials, and combinations for your rooms. Here are a handful of examples.


Designs Cut In Tiles


Some of the most modern flooring ideas involve cutting in different tiles or flooring types to make a unique pattern. One such pattern can be made with a base of stone-look tile. You can then cut artistic shapes into the tile which resemble the flow of water, and fill that space with pebble-look tile that you have cut to fit. The look is fresh, unusual and resembles the way a small stream would look after a rain. You could use many different flooring ideas based on the same methods.


Unusual Mosaic Tiles


There is a whole new breed of mosaic tiles that are being used for flooring today. These new tiles are brighter, in more vivid colors and shinier. They have more sophisticated and artful designs. Materials used for the tiles include metal, glass, mirrors, marble and stone. Some are cut and pieced into murals and complex designs. If you have flooring ideas involving mosaic tiles, you can probably find a company to fulfill your wishes.


Parquet Wood Floors


You can get many flooring ideas by looking at a catalog or display of parquet wood flooring. This type of flooring consists of small veneer pieces which are glued over a wood or concrete floor in most cases. They are usually placed in an intricate and ornate design. Parquet can be sold in individual small pieces to be fitted together by the installer, or it can be sold in tiles which are already put together into one-foot sections.



Bamboo Floors


One of the newest flooring ideas for many people is using bamboo for their flooring material.

Bamboo is beautiful and has the appearance of hardwood. Yet, it is less expensive and is environmentally-friendly to boot. That is because it is made up of the stalks of the bamboo plant rather than the wood of a tree. The plant grows quickly compared to a tree, and bamboo resources are constantly renewing. In a world where green living is becoming more and more important, bamboo flooring is a great choice.



You do not need to settle for ordinary floors when you remodel your home the next time. There are so many different ways to change the looks of your rooms with new materials and methods. Use new flooring ideas to make your home more interesting and beautiful.

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