A Practical Guide To Buying Tents

Buying tents is not as difficult as it may first appear, considering the sheer wealth of types, styles and designs which are now available. However, it is fair to say that there are a good few things that those on the hunt need to bear in mind. Here is a brief guide to buying tents, with some of the more important things to pay attention to.

Ahead of anything else, it is vital that a budget be set, though having a small margin of around ten percent as a contingency is always a good idea. Having got the figures straight, it will then be a matter of going through your preferences.

As touched upon above, there are a lot of tents to buy these days that are suited to all sorts of trips and expeditions, so this is important. There are different types for festival goers and weekend campers, for example; there are those that are ideal for backpackers off on their travels, whilst the hardier traveller may be in need of an Adventure or Mountain tent.

The most common problem which most people face is the size which, again, is determined in many ways by what trip it will be used for. Another determining factor regards how many people will be using it. Family tents, as the name would suggest, are large and ideal for accommodating anything up to a group of ten people.

Families with teenagers may find that separate tents are needed for their kids. Here again though, there may be a more cost effective solution. Multi room tents have dividers within them, affording the much needed privacy and also helping to compartmentalise things well, which can be useful to keep your sleeping, cooking and living areas separate.

Another consideration which is necessary regards the weight, which depends very much on the type of holiday once again. If there is going to be a lot of trekking between camp sites, something lightweight and easily packed away will be necessary. If you have a permanent site, and are travelling by car, something heavier and bulkier is fine.

An area which is often forgotten when looking at tents, regards all the paraphernalia which is associated with them; the poles and pegs, guy lines and rain sheets and so forth. Considering how much space these will take up and the weight they will add is therefore necessary. For those on the move, ultra-portable pop-up tents could be just the thing.

The weather that you can expect on your trip is highly important too. Though camping in the UK can spring the odd surprise, trends are useful. As such, if travelling in the summer or to a hot country, adequate ventilation will be needed. Windy and wet weather will naturally need extra durability. A reputable guide to buying tents would advise you to waterproof your new tent, whatever weather you expect whilst camping.

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Emma writes articles on Outdoor World Direct’s tents including product guides on A guide to buying tents.

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