Unusual Places To Visit In London: An Interesting Guide

It might be the first time you have visited London or you might have been many times but whould prefer to check out the unusual places to visit in London. There are indeed a lot of things to do and places to go in London, but there is nothing wrong about discovering the unpopular ones especially if one has already gone through the usual destinations.

The most common tourist spots are considered as such for all the right reasons, and they can be fun to visit. However, it is also enticing for an adventurous soul to check out some weird and unusual spots in the country.

The following list is made up of the top five most quirky locations to visit in London. Anyone can get to these places and enjoy all the quirkiness in them.

1. The Berners Street Hoax – Berners Street in London is the location of the world-famous hoax in 1810. It took place when writer Theodore Hook made a bet with Samuel Beazley that he could make any house in London become the most talked-about one in just a single week.

2. Rio’s Naturist Club – Located in Kentish Town, London, this health club and spa offers the usual facilities and services such as a Jacuzzi, tanning room and sauna. The thing that makes this one stand out in a myriad of spas is its reputation as the best spot for swingers and nudists. However, they cater to young people only.

3. Camden Catatombs – A range of 19th century passages located 21 feet under the ground is one of the unusual places to visit in London. This extensive range of passages served as stables for horses when they were initially constructed. An underground pool is said to be down there as well, and it can accommodate canal boats.


Thin House – A wedge shaped building in Thurloe Square, Knightsbridge is a captivating sight indeed. This is just one of the thin buildings in London though, and it is getting wider.

5. The Hunterian Museum – Highly different from all other exhibits found in London or in any other parts of the globe, this museum is packed with body parts, surgical instruments, anatomical illustrations and similar items. It is highly recommended to avoid eating right before visiting the said museum.

These unusual places to visit in London are not on the list of destinations to go to as suggested by friends and family members. If you are someone who is up to something different and interesting though, these are the perfect ones to check out when in London.

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