Unusual Dating Ideas

Have you been doing the same dating routine for ages?  Are you bored of doing the same things again and again?  Maybe now is the time to stop being so traditional and try the thrill of a different kind of dating plans.  Better take these down, be ready and try these unusual date ideas that will surely make your relationship jumping back into a full swing.





Do you both love to travel?  Well

go get the cheapest, soonest flight and enjoy the weekend anywhere without thinking of anything else.  Don’t pack anything and just go with the flow.


Take pictures of what happened as an evidence of a weekend you will surely remember.  Que sera sera!
How brave can you go, with a…microphone?


Enjoy a night at Karaoke night and

register yourself as contestants.  Sing your favorite love song and dedicate it to your girl.  She will surely feel special.  You don’t have to sing well you just have to wear a brave face and sing with all your might.  Who knows?  You might be the next big thing.
Have a scavenger hunt.  To make this even more fun, hunt personal and kinky stuff around the house.  Give the clues through your cell phones; make the search climatic and end it in the bed room for a steamy body searches that both of you will surely enjoy.
Dance, dance, dance.  Do you both love to dance?  One of my unusual date ideas is to dance since I don’t know how.  But if you know how you can make the night fun by going in to a dance club, by all means, do dance the night away.  But to make it a bit challenging by going to a dance club that do ballroom dancing or any dance you two are not familiar with.  Dance the night away doing tango or salsa.  The body contact will surely make the night sizzle.
Sunset watch.  Nothing would be more romantic than the sunset at the beach.

So, pack your tent and have a night trip to the beach.  Take your girl with you without telling her where you two are going.  Don’t forget to buy her a sexy bikini as a present.  Be sure that you will arrive there on time for the sunset.

Prepare some delicious breakfast for a romantic picnic on the beach.  If you are more on a dare devil side, go skinny dipping and make the early morning as hot as noon.
Walk around the city.  Sometimes it needs the right time to find things out about your girl.


Why not go walk around with her all night in the city and ask her all the questions that you had been thinking about?  You will know tons of things about her!  You can sit at the park up until dark sets.

Then, you can end your date by eating some midnight snacks at a diner.
Be a hero.  Why not do good things while having fun?  Suit up in your Superman costume and make her wear a Super Girl number and help people around you.  You don’t need to lift trucks and save a kid from a burning building.


You and your girl can go to an orphanage and give some story telling time to those needy kids.  A day with the kids will make you appreciate life more.


Dating is a way to get to know each other better while having fun.  You can do simple date ideas or if you are more adventurous, you can also do unusual date ideas.  Whatever it is, you should make sure that both of you are having tons of fun.  Just don’t forget your camera to make everything memorable.


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