Updox Launches First CRM Solution Designed for Independent Physicians

Dublin, OH (PRWEB) January 08, 2014

Updox, the industrys leading Physician Connectivity Platform, is expanding to add customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to the Updox platform enabling independent physicians and medical practices to streamline both physician-to-physician and physician-to-patient interactions into one universal inbox to strategically manage all relationships relating to the care process.

CRM is not a term commonly used by physicians. They might think of communicating with patients and other providers as two separate actions but that’s no longer the case,” said Michael Morgan, chief executive officer, Updox. “Independent practitioners have to operate their practices in a more efficient, business-oriented manner in order to thrive. The CRM resources offered through Updox help physicians manage these critical relationships more effectively.

Updox CRM Solution Links Patient and Provider Communications

Updox provides a quick-to-implement solution that enables medical practices to exchange information more effectively with patients and other providers involved in the care process. The Updox platform is the first to leverage ONC Direct messaging into a system that combines patient and physician communications and integrates with electronic health records (EHRs). By commonly managing all types of communications, Updox allows physicians and their staff to receive patient messages, Direct email messages, faxes and other information in one universal inbox. Also, the Updox patient portal allows patients to interact with medical practices via the web to schedule appointments, complete forms, make payments, securely message the doctors office and access their medical history, including lab results and continuity of care documents. CRM features offered by Updox also support physicians through referral management and patient marketing.

CRM was originally designed for other industries and is being adopted by large healthcare providers. However, without addressing the specific workflows of an independent physician and integration to EHRs, CRM has not been beneficial to medical practices until now. What makes Updox effective is we already have thousands of physicians on our platform and more than 30 EHR partners, representing 120,000 independent physicians, are using our platform for the ONC Direct messaging that will connect healthcare,” said Morgan. “With our new CRM capabilities, our independent physician customers can better manage their relationships with patients and providers.

Helping Independent Physicians Stay Independent with CRM

Healthcare today is in critical condition. More than 44 million new patients are flooding into an already overworked system. Independent physicians are challenged with operating their businesses more efficiently, lowering costs and providing high quality care, all while maintaining their independence.

Updox gives power to independent physicians and puts them back into the center of care by providing cost-efficient, easy- to-implement tools and resources that allow them to manage their practices better and run a profitable business.

Updox has been a tremendous benefit to our medical practice. It has made us more efficient, productive, cost-effective and able to remain independent. With Updox, my staff can easily receive and edit documents and route them to me for signature. Once the document is signed, it can easily be filed into the patients EHR with a notification sent to the patient via the portal and a copy sent to another provider, said David Lee, M.D., Uptown Physicians Group. The online bill pay and credit card filing system improves our cash flow and our patients appreciate being able to schedule their own appointments and communicate with us online. Patient engagement and relationship building is critical and Updox plays an integral role in that for our practice.

Leveraging the Updox Network

The strength of Updox is that physicians can sign up for the platform directly or, as added flexibility, Updox is also available through EHR partners where participating EHRs can choose different components of the platform that best meet their needs. All the connectivity offered through the Updox network benefits physicians and practices through improved revenues, lower overhead costs, and a more satisfied patient population.
Physicians Updox provides the only fully-integrated communications platform for independent physician practices and offers several features which help providers save time and make more money. Learn more at http://updox.com/for-providers/.
EHR Vendors Updox offers a Direct secure email, Patient Portal, and electronic fax platform to assist EHR partners in achieving their 2014 certification for Meaningful Use. EHR partners can choose to use individual components of the platform or the entire suite of tools. Learn more at http://updox.com/updox-for-ehr-emr-vendors/.

About Updox

Providing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for independent medical practices, Updox is the industry leading Physician Connectivity Platform. Through our CRM solutions, independent medical practices can easily manage communications from one inbox, streamline physician relationships, drive collaboration with partners and engage patients all integrated with the practices existing EHR. Practices benefit through improved relationships with patients and other providers, increased revenues, reduced costs, and enhanced business efficiencies.

Updox services are available directly to independent physicians or through partnerships with EHR vendors to help practices run more efficiently, increase revenues and offer patients a more satisfying experience interacting with their providers where they are treated like customers and not numbers. More than 20,000 members have joined Updox to change how medical practices collaborate and share information.

Find out what Updox can do for you. Visit http://www.updox.com , follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, watch us on YouTube or join our Google+ circle.

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