Complete Auto Loans Upsets Car Dealerships with Guide to Auto Discounts

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) January 15, 2014

When Complete Auto Loans released their first Car Buyers Guide in the fall of 2013, they didnt expect that the reaction would be so positive. We were trying to help our customers with their car buying decisions, but we never realized just how many people felt as though they were being swindled by their car dealerships, said Rob Kaiser, marketing director at Complete Auto Loans. Complete Auto Loans followed up the success of their first buyers guide with a limited edition supplement, published on their website, detailing the various ways that an auto-buyer can save money on new cars.

New cars are the single most expensive purchase that most people will make in their lifetimes, made even more expensive by the rapid depreciation that the vehicles undergo and the difficulty of extracting ones equity from a car upon sale. Complete Auto Loans firmly believes that new cars are overpriced, and that they are sold with fees and add-ons that significantly increase the profit margins of dealerships without adding to the actual value of the car.

Complete Auto Loans lists several tips in their new guide including a step-by-step process to find cars that have undergone minor cosmetic damage and can be dramatically reduced in price. Environmental factors like acid rain and hail can damage new cars in outdoor lots, and these cars can be picked up at a bargain price approaching only 80% of their original value.

Complete Auto Loans is an online car lender in the Seattle, WA area. Complete Auto Loans has served the Pacific Northwest for years, offering discount auto loans at rates only possible from an internet-based business. With no overhead and few regulatory restrictions, Complete Auto Loans is able to match customers with loans that have lower interest rates and more favorable payment terms than either dealerships or other lending agencies. Complete Auto Loans plans on publishing several more Buyers guides in the next few months, as consumers start to hit dealerships in droves looking at the new wave of 2014 car models.

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